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Thursday, June 9, 2011

HP Discover Closing Keynote

Keynote started off with a mix down of images and audio from the show with pop culture and world music. Jake Johansen came out to emcee and had some laughs poking fun at Bill and HP software, noting that the only part he gets is that something is wrong when the font is red.

Jake poked a bit more fun at Intel and their new 3D transistors asking why they wouldn't be 3d in the first place unless they've already been defying the laws of physics.

HPs head of research Prith came out to discuss the future of the connected world and HPs vision. The catch phrase of seamless, context aware, mobile world came up again. Also known as the seamless, secure, connected world. Depends on the audience I think.

Connectivity: the expectation is to be always connected. The desire is for a seamless transition experience.
Cloud: the expectation is efficient, flexible, computing resources. The desire is for information technology to be a utility as simple to use as electricity.

printing and content delivery, mobile immersive experience, cloud and security, information analytics, and intelligent infrastructure are the focus areas for HP research.

Mobile and immersive experience. Big bets are rich and intuitive user experiences, and focus on gesture, speech, and touch interfaces. The displays are glass based displays today that are heavy, but reflecting ambient light through a flexible light fabric. In addition there is continuous view, glasses free 3d imaging.

Seamless collaboration and social computing technologies are brought together in context aware information sharing concepts.

WebOS is trotted out again, this seems to be the big bet for HP.

The big bets in cloud computing are the Cirious platform of enterprise cloud computing. Storage in the cloud is being designed to be more scalable, dynamic, and secure. The security has a requirement to be more automated without increasing risk. HP recognizes what we've known all along about cloud computing, is that in the managed cloud community, until security and the auditing thereof can be established without doubt, very few apps will move there. HP has launched the G Cloud as a way of marketing to federal sector users that there is a cloud solution for them.

Information Analytics wants to tame and exploit the hundreds of terabytes of data collected monthly, weekly or daily. Manual ontologies have become limiting in enterprises, so HP is working to automate them. Moving at the speed of business to calculate business intelligence scenarios, includes the analysis of live social media channels for customers sentiment, intention, and behavior to optimize CRM in real time. HP claims to use this system to predict box office revenue within 10%.

Intelligent Infrastructure leverages radical new approaches for collecting, processing, and storing data and next generation data centres. They expect exascale, 1,000x performance gains, including memristor non volatile memory replacement for DRAM, disk. CeNSE is nano scale level sensors creating a central nervous system for the Earth. CeNSE is used today for oil exploration, and HP is looking at new uses.

HPs big bets for networking and communication is flexible programmable networks, which are open, programmable wired and wireless platforms. Photonics is making it's way deeper into the network with copper continuing to be replaced. Last month at InterOp, they demonstrated the switch backplanes replacing the copper with optical backplanes to see significant performance improvements.

The future of printing inHPs eyes is a move to automated publishing where intuitive, personalized, intelligent content is extracted.

Lastly, we address sustainability. The big bet from HP is sustainable data centers.

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