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Monday, June 27, 2011

David Oh, and the Consolidation in Alberta Health Services

First point was David speaking about how healthcare has some of the brightest, most passionate people who work with some of the most slowly moving changes.

David described the various challenges of consolidating multiple health authorities like the show "Big Brother" where several unlike people are thrust together and told to find a way to work together while the world watches.

Procurement consolidation is complete, completed in 12 months to consolidate 12 different entities into one set of processes and governance.

Now many different and disjointed consolidation efforts are underway, and the key issue David notes is that the overall consolidation approach was not ideal, so they are resetting where they can without risking the overall project.

Technology is now the focus, and a strong strategic vision around business intelligence to enable tools for the entire organization. Additionally, in parallel the alignment of process and governance and standardizing IT service delivery is taking place.

The model David shared for consolidation of IT services was inspirational. I'll be making good use of his slides post conference. The workflow is data quality, data governance and mastery, consolidated processes and systems, and finally, where he is headed next, integrated service delivery.

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