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Monday, June 6, 2011

HP Discover 2011 - Mainstage event

So, first lesson learned is don't task switch on an first gen iPad using BlogPress, or if you do, save often...I lost all my notes from the first half of the mainstay and I'm not delighted to learn that lesson. What do we always tell our users? Save often. Sigh.

The presentations have been interesting, I really like that Leo Apotheker is bringing customers up on the main stage to talk in the own words about use of HP software and services.

Blue Cross Blue Shield was represented by Doug Porter, the CIO, who was able to discuss their ability to create new health funding models using the HP platform and architecture.

Marge Breya came on to show the new app formally announced at the show a few hours earlier, HP Executive Scorecard. This is an app layer that I want to get in front of.

The seamless secure context aware environment from the cloud to the connectivity devices is the message.

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