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Jason J Kennedy
Host & Executive Producer

Future Episodes:

  • Public Speaking Skills for IT Professionals
  • Working with Recruiters
  • Panel Discussion on the Merits of Certification
  • Cloud-based Telephony Solutions

 Episode 3 - IT Service Transformation Talks

  IT Service Management consultant Gilles Marchand joins host host Jason Kennedy to explain what an IT Service Transformation project is, how to gain business area sponsor support, and how to ensure successful outcomes. Gilles digs into what IT Service Transformation means for IT leaders and how to leverage the concepts to improve your IT operations.



itSMF Canada

Project Management Institute


Episode 2 -The Database Conversion Conversation

  Chris Umphenour joins host Jason Kennedy to discuss lessons learned from a database conversion project in a small to mid sized IT shop.

Life Centre Ministries 
Caching in the Northwest Podcast
ViewSonic SD-A235 Citrix Smart-Display workstation

Episode 1 - Beta Episode
A brief introduction to why the podcast was created, what to expect in upcoming episodes, and how to contact us.

itManageCast Episode 1 - Introduction to the Podcast

Twitter - @itManageCast
email -

Best & Brightest Interview - Vienna

Interview with Vivit Worldwide President & VP at HP Conference in Vienna. Learn about the HP Software user community and how joining for free can help your IT career.

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