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Monday, June 6, 2011

HP Discover and Intel

The question posed at the Discover 2011 Mainstage Event by Intel is staed as "is the Internet infrastructure ready for the next four years?"

The message is that infrastructure must evolve to address the IT challenges. Over 40 million Intel servers operating around the world today. Does the world have all the servers it needs? Intel expects to double the worlds server population in five years, kicking ass on Moore's law.

Leveraging cloud computing should provide the ability for intel to save $25 B in IT spend, save 45 GW of power, and accelerate $100B of innovation spend by 2015.

The vision for cloud computing is to automated the use of federated clouds, and leverage client awareness optimizes the services based on device compatibility with the service being delivered from the cloud.

Intel claims Moore's law is alive and well, and has huge investments in 14 nm transistor factories, and has created 3d transistor technology to make the most of limited atomic landscape in microprocessing.

Interestingly, Intel flogs their new Ultrabook tablet on HPs stage... Claims to offer a no compromise client.

Two percent of the worlds servers units account for $15 B of spend, as RISC is out there and costing big dollars. Intel illustrated their roadmap for server processing in Itanium and Xeon platforms, getting both to 22nm technology soon.

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