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Monday, June 6, 2011

HP Discover and SAP

Bill McDermot from SAP discussed the idea of business in the moment, and how to ensure that your customers customer has a positive experience any where any time. SAP Hana high speed network application processing environment noted.
Bill claims mobile is the new desktop as an absolute fact. WEbOS claimed to be the secure mobile platform for your business and consumer applications.

I swear I'm the king of taking bad pictures of executives. If there's a career there I'm a lock.

Video of Bob MCDonald, CEO of Procter and Gamble discuss their vision to be the most digitally engaged company in the world. They plan to engage HP and SAP to enable this vision.

The big data challenge in retail is around affinity analysis processing, identifying which two products are most likely to be bought together. SAP Hana enables the ability to provide this comparison across entire product suites for multinational multiple product companies (like P&G) in seconds, instead of months.

The processing allows real time analysis of data to the store level in affinity analysis.

Bill comes out and flogs the TouchPad again, showing us real time affinity analysis of a complex product packaging.

Three clear actions we are challenged to undertake. build a mobile business strategy, disrupt things by moving IT from non value add situations, consolidate and leverage the cloud. Third, after you go mobile, consolidate data, and leverage the cloud, measure your results. You need to show how changing the game creates business results.

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