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Monday, June 27, 2011

First Nations Health Council, Michelle DeGroot

Michelle is the executive director of Health actions. Presentation proposed was changed up from original agenda around eHealth. First Nations tripartite health plan was discussed. the FNHC, federal, and Provincial governments are creating agreements that are expected to be completed this summer. 5 regions mirroring the Health Authorities are created, with three reps from each region. They have four pillars of governance, one of those four is a grouping together of all federal, provincial, and other bodies.

She stated that the media claims the first nations are all sick, and Michelle feels this is a poor representation of First Nations. The claim is that consultive grass roots processes are in place to focus on wellness.

A framework agreement is in place as of a month ago to transfer first Nations health care responsibility to the First Nations health governance bodies.

A health actions plan is in place to deal with29 action items which include access to physicians and creation of health care facilities. Also looking at eHealth for central administration of BC first Nations health care records. They are also setting up work with the universities to access education to create opportunities for First Nations to gain the health care education they need to staff the system, and create cultural awareness for non First Nations future practitioners.

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