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Monday, January 15, 2007

ITManageCast Premiere Post

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening.
Thank-you for stopping by the ITManageCast Blog and checking out our first posting. ITManageCast is a podcast that focusses on IT systems and network management, ITIL, and other related topics to managing, monitoring, and maintaining your IT infrastructure.

I'm the host of ITManageCast, and I am really looking forwards to bringing information out to our audience. Our show is recorded in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada but covers topics pertinent to anyone, anywhere, who is tasked with the topics we've outlined in the paragraph above.

The production team is always interested in hearing back from the listeners as to what topics or interviews would be valuable so we are keen to hear constructive comments back at our email address;

The first episodes will be online soon, we just have to work the bugs out of our RSS feed first, and then we'll post here immediately as soon as it's ready. Our next blog posting will outline the content of the upcoming podcast.