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Monday, June 6, 2011

HP Discover and Microsoft

Kevin Turner from Microsoft began a discussion around communications and collaboration and he touches on the proliferation of social networking, and aligns it with SharePoint, calling it the business social networking product, service, and solution.

Lync is promoted as a 40% savings over Cisco because of the unified client.
I'll be stopping by their booth to see if they do anything like we need to in our environment over the Tandberg platform.
The HP E5000 Messaging System is shown to be a HP and Microsoft collaboration appliance for always on everywhere communications.

Another speaker touches on the proliferation of enterprise data, and Microsoft states that SQL is the better price value over Oracle and IBM, and just passed DB2 for total revenue share. TPC-E benchmark for processing ability and energy savings cited as proof positive that MS SQL is the solution of choice today and tomorrow.

Everything here drives to Business Intelligence solutions, and the HP Business Decision Appliance is promoted.

And here we go, to the cloud! Private and public cloud is presented, along with the hybrid solution. Over 50% of the fortune 500 are claimed to be signed up with MS to leverage their cloud technologies.

I've blogged in depth about the Azure roadshow, there isn't much new here to add, but I'll reference you to that posting. One point, is that twice I've tried to use demos of Azure, and both times it wouldn't grant me access, claiming the credentials MS sales folks gave me were obsolete within days of me getting the 30 day demo licenses. So we'll try this again.

Topic of apps in the public cloud and security came up, and the same answer we always hear came up.

MS claims to be cheaper, better, faster than VMWare, and about to start outselling them.

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