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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Next Steps for Canada's HPC Platform

Jill Kowalchuck, Interim Executive Director, Compute Canada

Compute Canada hosts 1,273 researchers and PIs, 2,379 grad students, and been the infrastructure to provide research in support of 3,500 publications. The services Compute Canada has built for $29M would cost the research community $50M to access without a centralised subsidised service.160k cores, 15 PB disk, at 75% - 90% utilisation makes up the Compute Canada infrastructure deployed across the country.

Marshall Zhang, a medical researcher at 16 years old has identified a new drug cocktail that could treat cystic fibrosis using Compute Canada resources under the direction of a PI in Ontario.

Expansion is planned into secured data centres and expanded storage to enable the medical/biomedical, criminology, and other research using sensitive sensitive industrial data. The information security program is currently under revision in support of these initiatives, to ensure compliance federally and provincially.

The three current priorities are:
Cost benefit analysis of data centres
CEO search

Compute Canada officially launched their new website today at

HPCS 2013 will be hosted in Ottawa, dates and location TBD.

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