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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Impact of Consumerization, BYOD, & Social Media on Campus

The CIOs (or representatives there-of) formed a panel to discuss this topic.

Greg Conden, UNBC
Michael Thorsen, UBC
Stephen Lamb, BCIT
Paul Stokes, UVic
Jay Black, SFU
Brian MacKay, TRU

Each speaker in turn shared their perspective on how they are managing these challenges.

Some examples of technological projects related to these needs are: Identity based firewalling, application delivery platform agnostic, virtualised desktops, application virtualisation, social intranet, self-subscribed mass notification

Acknowledgement is made of a cultural shift we need to respond to, not keep our heads in the sand. We need to engage in the discussions around technologies we aren't comfortable with, but students live and function within.

How does the institution keep control over the data that the University is accountable for? FOIPPA in BC is pretty serious business, and the institution can be liable regardless of the actions of the individual.

Comparison made to a K-12 situation, recommendations in the Manitoba region:
IT must buy and manage all access points.
Move to IPV6
Understand the relationships of people to computers for function
Vendor agnostic, industry standard environment
Delineation between business network and public network, logically separate. Students have ONLY internet access.
Access control to the secure network; full NAC for business VLAN
Anyone connected to the secure network must agree to all T&C's for access.
Training and support plans
Acceptable use policy for users of public network (students)

TRU piloted giving nursing students iPads, and the use cases evolved beyond what was originally expected.

The question was raised if these technologies are really about teaching and learning. Stephen proposed thats a moot point as we must bridge the world of academia and the workplace of the future. That we should be facilitators and support the evolutions in pedagogy.

It is proposed that these are the most important changes we can support for the faculty and students for the next two years, without getting onboard, we alienate those we are there to build a teaching environment for.

Stephen suggested that the CIOs should not be afraid to engage in SoMe. Michael asserted that if you aren't going to participate, you should at least claim your space or it'll be claimed for you.

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