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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CANARIE's Next Mandate: The Way Forward

Speaker is Jim Ghadbane, CTO of CANARIE.

CANARIE just completed a new 2 year cycle at $40M. The funding will be used to improve the effectiveness of research in canada and accelerate growth of Canada's ICT industry. This year a new connection between Calgary and Edmonton will be lit up. Thunder Bay to Winnipeg is also being lit up.

CANARIE runs Canada's ultra-high-bandwidth research network, with primary investment from the Government of Canada.

The strategic objectives are:
Create a world leading collaboration network
Research platform infrastructure
Stimulate ICT innovation
Demonstrate operational excellence
Evolve funding models and reduce the risk and impact of funding cycle
Bridge the gap and lower barriers between research, education, and the private sector

Research traffic growth is projected for a tenfold increase in network bandwidth during the next two years, and the current network capacity will be exceeded by mid-2012/13. By 2017 the estimates are for 526,224 TB per annum. Research traffic has grown from 6.7PB to 46.1 PB from 2007 - 2011.

Commodity services used by CANARIE will be outsourced.

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