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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Volunteering - Part III; Mom Said There'd be Days Like These...

Remember when I said all the heavy lifting for the itSMF National Conference was done? Yeah. About that...
So, between people who deeply resent not being chosen to speak, and people who seem to have extremely particular restrictions as to how and when they will speak, it's been a challenge.
Not to mention the usual number of folks who for very legitimate reasons have to opt out of speaking and then we need to make sure we have others willing to step in even though they were initially rejected for the conference.
However, it's all done now, we've got our speaker list set and you can check it out here.
Now we get into selecting the "table topics" for lunch-time hosted discussions, bios for all the speakers, and getting the speakers to put their presentation into our standardized slide-deck.
It's been a fair bit of work to get to this point, but because of great teamwork it wasn't as hard as it could have been! And now it's just getting easier and May 5 is getting real close!

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