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Monday, February 16, 2015

Podcast Episode 4 - The Disaster Recovery Discussion

In episode 4 of the itManageCast podcast, Tom Wahl joins host Jason Kennedy to provide insight into Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning for the IT professional. 

In this 30 minute conversation Tom and Jason explore the essential aspects of disaster recovery and business continuity, where they are the same and where they are different.  

We also discuss where the IT professionals responsibility for these services should ideally begin and end, and how to engage the other business functions in your organization into ownership over them.

Last but not least, Tom provides some insight into where to start if you are tasked with providing a disaster recovery plan for your organization.

Click the link below to download the audio for this podcast.
itManageCast Episode 4 - The Disaster Recovery Discussion

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1 comment:

Ryan Thomson said...

Excellent podcast, Jason and Tom!

It's nice to hear you both chatting about IT and business. Very insightful.