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Thursday, June 12, 2008

CMDBs Out of the Box

I've started to evaluate the software CMDB solutions from various vendors - HP, BMC, and IBM to start with. I'll be posting the findings of my research as I go along, but certainly welcome any feedback or input from those of you who may be looking at these products as well, or in fact may have already obtained/installed one.

The products I'm looking at in particular are:
  • HP Software uCMDB
  • BMC Atrium
  • IBM Tivoli Asset Management

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on my research into these, including the hands-on lab work I complete.

1 comment:

Manu said...

I would say you should also consider evaluating non-framework related solutions like the ones from Ni2 or Managed Objects (I am not working for either, so this is impartial feedback from our customers).

This said, I personally think that evaluating CMDBs without the tools that populate them is limited in value.

Why, because CMDBs are as good as the data they hold. If this data isn't automatically updated on a daily basis, the data quality (how current and accurate it is) is just too low to support the ITIL processes in a cost effective manner. This is because if the CIs aren't current enough (representative of the current state of the environment), then whatever project that will require this data (e.g. migrating NT4 servers to Win 2003 servers, outsourcing business applications etc) will end up running over time and over budget

At Tideway - -, our customers have reported that data accuracy must be at least 97.5%. What this means is that unless 97.5% of the CMDB CIs have been correctly updated in the last 24h, your projects will fail (run over time and budget) and your CMDB will not be delivering its promised value to the business.

Have you got similar experience in your own projects?