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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Original Podcast Back Online!

The original itManageCast podcast is back online!

This interview was recorded a few years ago when one of Vivit's "best & brightest" members, Mike Peckar, was deploying HP network management software at Camp Victory in Iraq.  If you use (or used) HP Software Network Node Manager (OK, I'm dating myself here, but you know the application family I'm talking about) you should know (or know about) Mike.  He literally wrote the book on the use of that software. Seriously. Literally.

Interestingly enough, while this interview took place a few years ago, the root issues around NMS really haven't changed and most players in the market space haven't shifted significantly.

I'm about to get back in the game of analysing enterprise NMS solutions (which takes me back to my early career in some ways) so I found this "classic" itManageCast interview helpful, and thought many of you might as well.

Stay tuned for updates on my explorations into the current world of NMS.  in the meantime, listen to the interview with Mike Peckar about his book "the Fognet Fieldguide to Network Node Manager."


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