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Thursday, June 17, 2010

HPSWU 2010 Part 1 - Behind the Scenes with Vivit

Thursday morning, my last day at the HP Software Universe, and after a quick breakfast with Jim Murphy from Pepperweed Consulting I'm covering the Vivit showcase floor booth until my team-mates finish their breakfast and start their shifts.

So I feel like I've been in D.C. forever at this point, as I flew in last Friday and have now been here almost a full week. While the conference only started in earnest on Tuesday, my arrival so much in advance was to attend the Vivit Board of Directors meetings all-day Saturday & Sunday.

What happens at these mysterious meetings is mostly a lot of getting organised for the year ahead, and making sure that the most important operational issues of managing an international users group are identified, prioritised, and assigned; and when we can, get action items with due dates!

One of the other big benefits is getting time with the HP executives and making progress on our relationship between the user community and the software giant.

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