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Thursday, June 18, 2009

HPSU 2009 - Part 5

The first session I attended Wednesday was Pete Zwetkof’s (HP NNMi Product Manager) “HP Network Node Manager i-Series upgrade tips & tricks.” Pete is a good solid speaker, who keeps a technical audience engaged.

Kevin Smith did this presentation online for Vivit previously, so you can certainly go online to find most of this information. If you are considering the upgrade of an existing NNM 7.x system to NNMi, it's well worth your time to gather as much info ahead of time as possible - this is not for the feint of heart.

Top advice out of this blog entry is to locate the 200+ page document that covers this topic in more detail at:
The "NNM Deployment & Migration Guide" is the document to find. Written for those familiar with the “old” NNM it includes where things differ and the entire upgrade process.

It was also noted that the 8.12 release is due out on the 26th of June. 8.12 unlocks the ability to send events to OM agents as traps – this is not available in prior versions of NNMi.

The Key Steps to Take in executing the upgrade are:
• Gather & Transfer configuration data using packaged tools , then zip or tar the directory structure, move the archive, and uncompress in the new platform. Very high-level approach.
• Configure SNMP access
• Configure Discovery
• Import loaded MIBs – preserve as many MIBs as possible – does involve some manual tasks including the actions
• Import trap definitions
• Block/Ignore/Disable traps – in NNMi they aren’t really blocked, but just stopped from coming into the operational pipeline for processing
• Automatic actions in NNMi
• De-duplication, rate coorleation and pairwise matching of incidents
• Map hierarchy – can migrate containers, but not nodes because the filtering technology is completely different; you need to define filters for each migrated container

I won't go into gory detail on each of the steps, but that'll be another post for another time if the demand is there from my loyal blog readers - so if you want me to post more on this topic please let me know!
Pete crammed an unbelievable amount of useful info into a 45 minute presentation - I am impressed.

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