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Thursday, April 16, 2009

HP Software OMW vs. OMi

Yesterday I was in attendance at a presentation by HP Software gurus and one of the topics was HP Software Operations Manager. One of the items I found a little confusing at first, and thought I'd share with the online community was the idea of OMW versus OMi. Currently, most of the install base of the Operations Manager product from HP software is one of the following:

"old naming conventions" old products (still supported, but not sold)
HP OpenView Operations for Windows 7.5x (OVOW)

"new naming conventions" current products
HP Software Operations Manager for Windows 8.x
HP Software Operations Manager i 8.x

(note that I'm just focussing on the Windows platform for the moment)

As it turns out, OMW & OMi are differing products, primarily in the interface. Keeping in mind that OMW (& OMi) architecturually are split into three peices - agentry, server, and console. OMi uses the same agentry & server components, but layers a new console on these.

Confused yet? :-)

OMW is currently at release 8.10 and will continue with future releases for now (next expected later this year to be 8.15) as fixes/improvements are added to the product. OMi is being developed in parallel, and is an upgrade (free for current OMW support contract holders) to OMW 8.10. Once you've "migrated" to OMi you stay on that platform. HP is not "pushing" customers to OMi at this time, so if you've got OMW running well, and don't see an immediate need for OMi features (to be discussed in my next posting) then don't rush out the door, but start your research.

Please feel free to ask for any further clarification that I can add to my next postings!

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