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Friday, October 26, 2007

New Software from HP, New Orleans from Jason

I won't even try and affect a cajun accent for this post, but here I am on my last day in New Orleans, at the HP Partner Galaxy event. I just spent five days heads down and in high-gear learning mode absorbing everything I can about the new release of HP's Business Availability Centre and learning about the other new product releases out this month.

I'm pretty well rounded on HP's previous offering in this area, OVIS (OpenView Internet Services) but now that all changes up with the Mercury acquisition of last year. Now they've got a really interesting package to handle complete business end-user experience monitoring and management.

The toolset is complex to get your head around initially, but the good news is that it comes in components and you only need to buy & install what you need. What you will need though, if you don't have someone on staff to handle ESM applications, is consulting time to get this done right the first time.

I'll post again soon with more details and opinions, right now I've got to catch my flights back to LAX, and then Vancouver!

Happy ESMing everyone, and so long to New Orleans.

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